A.A. Khalimov, Candidate of Technical Science

(Ufa State Petroleum Technological University),

D.S. Khudyakov (Institute of Energy Resources Transportation GUP)


Annotation: The article contains results of analysis which estimates by long-time strength criteria the safe service life of structural oil and gas equipment elements made of high-temperature chromium steel.


Key words: long-time strength, semi-automatic welding in the mix of protective gases, remained safe service life, oil and gas equipment.


List of references:

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The authors:

• Khalimov Àirat À., Candidate of Technical Science
Ufa State Petroleum Technological University

Reader of the Chair of Oil Equipment Manufacturing Engineering

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Khudyakov Dmitriy S.

Institute of Energy Resources Transportation GUP

Leading Engineer

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tel: (347) 231-38-16