A.N. Rodomakin (Rosneft NK),

A.L. Chakheyev (PKF «Maly Sok» OOO),

K.M. Gumerov, Doctor of Technical Science

(Institute of Energy Resources Transportation GUP)



Annotation: Durability of squeezed pipe couplings with internal protective coating was examined by testing under effect of cyclic pressures and bending moments. It was stated that finished connections were tight and equal in strength to pipes, irregardless of the absence of welding. Proposed important constructive solutions allow to use the method of squeezed couplings in construction of field pipelines with internal anti-corrosive coating.


Key words: field pipeline, bending moment, squeezed coupling, internal protective coating, pipeline strength, tightness of joints, cyclic loads.


List of references:

1. Gumerov A.G. et al. Safety of long-operated main oil pipelines / A.G. Gumerov, R.S. Gumerov, K.M. Gumerov.  M.: Nedra, 2003.  310 p.

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The authors:

• Rodomakin Andrey N.

Rosneft NK

Chief Specialist, Surface Facilities and Pipelines Operation Management,

Oil and Gas Production Department

115054, Moscow, ul. Dubininskaya, 31a

tel: 8-917-7599799


Chakheyev Andrey L.

PKF «Maly Sok» OOO

Director of Commerce

453210, Ishimbai, pr. Lenina, 13a – 10

tel: 8-917-3444128


• Gumerov Kabir M., Doctor of Technical Science

Institute of Energy Resources Transportation GUP

Head of Technical Diagnostics of Field Pipelines


450055, Ufa, pr. Octyabrya, 144/3

tel: (347) 231-36-90

e-mail: K.M.Gumerov@mail.ru