F.Sh. Khafizov, Doctor of Technical Science,

I.G. Giniyatov, A.A. Kudryavtzev (Ufa State Petroleum Technological University)



Annotation: Functional structure of software for imitating trainers is offered. Effectiveness of the use of imitating trainers for preparation of personnel has been analyzed, and results are presented in the article.


Key words: safety of oil and gas facilities, emergencies, training of personnel, advanced training, imitating trainers.


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The authors:

Khafizov Fanil Sh., Doctor of Technical Science, Professor

Head of Fire and Industrial Safety Chair

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Giniyatov Ilnur G.

Assistant Examiner of Fire and Industrial Safety Chair

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Kudryavtzev Alexandr A.

Assistant Examiner of  Fire and Industrial Safety Chair

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 Ufa State Petroleum Technological University

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