The raising of the thermal effectiveness of the air cooling apparatus of the oil industry by impoving methods of design and production

R.G. Abdeev, Doctor of Technical Science,

R.R. Shafikov, M.I. Sharipov, E.R. Abdeev

(Ufa State Petroleum Technological University)



Annotation: The article contains technical solutions of raising thermal effectiveness of air cooling apparatus (ACA) at the stage of projecting and producing and also has some examples of effective use of system approach while modernizing ACA by substituting the section of imported finned conduit for domestic ones.


Key words: air cooling machine, finned conduit, thermal effectiveness, quality.


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The authors:

Abdeev Rinat G., Doctor of  Technical Science

Professor of Oil Equipment Manufacturing  Engineering Chair

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Shafikov Rinat R.

Instructor of Oil Equipment Manufacturing  Engineering Chair

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Sharipov Marsel I.

Instructor of Oil Equipment Manufacturing  Engineering Chair

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Abdeev Eldar R.

Post-Graduate Student of USPTU

tel: (347) 242-19-58

Ufa State Petroleum Technological University

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