D.M. Haibullin (RN-Yuganskneftegas OOO),

A.I. Podyapolskii, andidate of Technical Science (Voskhod OOO),

V.R. Murzagulov (Gazprom dobycha Yamburg OOO),

N.n. Khafizov (Kazan State Technological University),

A.R. Epshtein, andidate of Technical Science (Institute of Energy Resources Transportation GUP)



Annotation: Technique and device based on secondary effects of reservoir water electrolysis have been developed to prevent formation of salts and hydrates under complicated field conditions at the late stages of development.


Key words: oil field, well, electric submerged centrifugal pump, prevention of salt deposition.


List of references:

1. Marinin N.S., Yaryshev G.M. Methods of salt deposition control / Review inf. Series Neftepromyslovoye delo. M.: VNIIOENG, 1980. 56 p.

2. Shaidakov V.V., Laptev A.B., Nikitin R.V. et al. Results of magnet treatment of the wells featured by ARPD and emulsion problems // Oil and gas problems. Abstract of the paper, III Congress of the Russian oil and gas producers.  Ufa, 2001.  P. 121-122.


The authors:

Haibullin Damir M.

RN-Yuganskneftegaz OOO

Leading Specialist

628309, Tyumen oblast, HMAO, Nefteyugansk,

ul. Lenina, 26

tel: (346) 314-220

e-mail: HaibullinDM@yungjsc.com


Podyapolskii Anton I., andidate of  Technical Science Voskhod OOO

Deputy Director

443063, Samara, ul. Volskaya, 40

tel: (846) 333-34-83, 310-22-61


Murzagulov Vener R.

Gazprom dobycha Yamburg OOO

1st Category Engineer of Environment Protection Group

entering the Technical Department of Management

629300, YNAO, Novy Urengoy,

ul. Geologorazvedchikov, 9

tel: (3494) 96-37-71

e-mail: Murzvener@yandex.ru


Khafizov Nafis N.

Kazan State Technological University

Assistant Examiner of Chemical Technology of Oil and Gas Refining Chair

420015, Kazan, ul. K. Marksa, 68

tel: (843) 231-41-35

e-mail: n.xafiz@mail.ru


Epshtein Arkadiy R., andidate of Technical Science

RB Academy of Science, Center of Pipeline Transport Hydraulics

Senior Researcher

450055, Ufa, pr. Octyabrya, 144/3

tel: (347) 231-38-47