System Approach to Well Construction in Complicated Conditions of Acid Gases Aggression (problems and solutions)


A.A. Doronin (Affiliate of Astrakhanburgaz, Burgaz OOO)


Annotation: The problem of casing string-borehole annulus tightness for the whole well existence period is very important for ultradeep well construction. It is very hard to solve because of high bottom-hole temperatures and aggression of reservoir fluids containing hydrogen sulfide and carbonic acid. This paper contains science-based requirements for formation exposing and isolation in these conditions, investigation and more precise definition of existing corrosion mechanism ideas, requirements for plugging materials and gas well cementing technologies.


Key words: casing string-borehole annulus tightness, reservoir fluids, plugging materials, colmatage effect.


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The author:

Doronin Alexandr A.

Affiliate of Astrakhanburgaz, Burgaz OOO


414009, Aksaraiskii town

tel: (8512) 31-31-10