R.S. Denisov (Ufa State Petroleum Technological University),

Ŕ.B. Laptev, Doctor of Technical Sciences (Railan-Chemie OOO),

R.Zh. Akhiyarov, Doctor of Technical Sciences,

D.Ye. Bugay, Doctor of Technical Sciences (Ufa State Petroleum Technological University),

V.N. Ryabukhina, Candidate of Technical Sciences (Institute of Energy Resources Transportation GUP)






Pyrophoric compounds concentrate on the wall of the pipe or facilities and are represented as viscous layered films bounded by hydrocarbons. Pyrophoric compounds could warm up to ignition under the depressurization of capacitive equipment and oxygen swallowing, so, they represent a real danger for staff and for equipment reliability. Moreover, normative documents, that restrict the rules of operation of oil and gas objects, and scientific literature do not pay significant attention to the pyrophoric sediments as an ignition hazard.

Aims and Objectives

To develop the scientifically approved technology of oil reservoir treatment before repairing works, which reduces the ignition hazard of pyrophoric sediments by their in-time removal and withdrawal acceleration. The main tasks are: to develop the reagent for dispersion of sediments and for retard of pyrophoric compounds, scientific approval and development of application stages of the offered technology for oil tanks treatment as an event work.


In order to test the capability of different chemical compositions to prevent the pyroforic compounds ignition hazard there were developed the unique express-method  of pyrophoric compounds neutralization by oxidizing solutions. pH factor of the neutralizing solution was determined by pH-meter ANION-4100. Universal device RNT-027 was also used for measure of redox potential, conductivity, mineralization and temperature of water.


It was established, that reagent Railan DK-012 which contains hydrogen peroxide and surface active agent based on trisilane is able to neutralize the pyrophoric sediments activity due to capability of hydrogen peroxide oxidizing in the watered media; to disperse the sediments due to action of trisilane, which allows oxidizer to reach the inner layers of sediments. It was shown that application of that technology of reservoir slashing by service water with the offered reagent allows to prevent the self-ignite

of the pyrophoric sediments, to remove most of them (up to 90 %) and to reduce the time of withdrawal.


Key words: pyrophoric sediments, warming, ignition, oxidizing solutions, deactivation, dispersion, tank, reagent Railan DK-012, application technology of Railan DK-012.



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The authors


• Denisov Robert S.

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• Laptev Anatoliy B., Doctor of Technical Sciences

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• Akhiyarov Rustem Zh., Doctor of Technical Sciences

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• Bugay Dmitriy Ye., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

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• Ryabukhina Vera N., Candidate of Technical Sciences

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